Semalt: Web Scraping Database. HTML Scraper And Benefits It Provides for Businesses

HTML scraper is a tool that scrapes HTML web pages with ease. We know that the majority of big websites are written using HTML. It means that each page we can see is the structured document. Using HTML scraper, we can obtain data from different web pages and convert it into a readable and scalable format such as CSV and JSON. It's safe to mention that HTML scraper is one of the most useful and amazing web scraping and data extraction tools on the net. Its core advantages have been discussed below.

1. Saves our time

With HTML scraper, you can extract information from the dynamic websites easily. You don't need any other tool to deal with HTML pages as this is an all-in-one program to extract readable and meaningful data for you. Unlike other ordinary data scraping applications, HTML scraper will not take much time. Instead, it will extract information from dynamic and advanced web pages in just a matter of seconds. In contrast, other scraping services can take up from seven to ten days and waste a lot of your time and energy.

2. Speed and protection

Most of the web scraping applications are slower than the API calls, and some do not provide any protection on the internet. Unlike those data extraction services, the HTML scraper performs its tasks at high speed and can process up to ten thousand web pages in 20 - 30 minutes. Besides, this tool ensures your complete safety and privacy. It means you don't have to worry about the safety of your scraped data as it will never be shared with third-party users.

3. Great maintenance and accuracy

HTML scraper is one of those data scraping tools that ensure great maintenance and accuracy. It means the extracted data is error-free and does not contain misleading words. Thankfully, this web scraping technology needs no maintenance and ensures quality results.

4. Helps you stay in competition

In this data-driven world, we need to be vigilant as the information presented in the net keeps changing every single second. If we want to get the right data, we would have to use HTML scraper. In fact, this tool can help startups be one step ahead of their competitors. With HTML scraper, you can collect, organize, scrape and export high-quality information in a matter of minutes. Plus, this data scraping service helps us keep an eye on the current market trends and provides information about our competitors' web pages. It can extract meaningful and readable data, without compromising on quality. Thus, HTML scraper is the prior choice of organizations and enterprises all over the world.

5. Deals with broken URLs

Sometimes we come across broken URLs and still want to extract their information. With HTML scraper, it is easy for anyone to extract data from the broken web links, online libraries, and XHMTL fragments. It has different extensions such as Loofah and Sanitize and helps clean up the broken links instantly. This scrape can pull data out of both HTML and XML files and provides accurate data in a short time.